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Nepal is endowed with a diverse and rich cultural, artistic and natural heritage and has the unique distinction of being a reservoir of the treasure of traditional knowledge and being a one of the prospective nation of economic development in the century with specific reference to its bio-genetic resources and being trade-bridge between the giant nations of the South Asia. It is in relation to this reality that a real need is felt for the development of modern intellectual property jurisprudence in order to recognize and protect the intellectual property rights of the stakeholders in Nepal. This overwhelming expediency notwithstanding, there remains an acute dearth of credible institutions in Nepal to support stakeholders in matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights. It is specifically in response to this vacuum that the Centre for Intellectual Property Nepal (CIPN) has been established on an individual initiative on 25 March, 2005 which has thus far, accentuated its efforts towards bringing awareness of the critical signification of Intellectual Property and rights to the increasingly knowledge based society. 

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